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Protection Against Rising Energy Prices

As discussed in our September blog post, electricity prices have increased 2.36% each year with no indication to slow down anytime soon. There is an unpredictability of traditional energy costs and also a dependency on local electric companies when your power does go out. Having your own solar energy can offer stability and protection against inflation.

Increased Property Value
The icing on top when installing solar is its ability to increase the resale value of a home. Many families and individuals are all switching to solar because of the great cost benefits and environmental friendly aspects; therefore, when you switch to solar you are not only doing the afore-mentioned but also increasing the value of your home. There’s nothing like tacking on more to your home’s sale price due to solar panels. A study by Zillow reported that homes with solar panels sell for 4.1% more, on average, than those without, and the increase in resale value is higher in certain cities, like New York. A 4.1% increase may not seem like a lot until you consider the size of the numbers involved — if you’re selling a $500,000 home, that’s an extra $20,500!

Savings from Solar Panel Longevity
We touched on this in last month’s blog post as well, but the expected lifespan of solar panels means less maintenance time and more energy efficiency. Solar panels have a typical life span of 25 to 30 years; which is usually the amount of time (typically 25-30 years).
The typical U.S. home changes hands every 13.2 years (according to a 2021 Redfin study), which is half the amount of time most Americans live in their homes. Therefore, you can expect many cost savings due to the long-term durability and minimal maintenance of solar panels.

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