Signs you are in need of new attic insulation

Most homeowners, and people in general, do not think about the importance of attic insulation. Poor or damaged insulation can lead to multiple problems, within your home.

Here are indications that you may need new attic insulation:

1. Poor Climate Control

You should not have trouble keeping your home chill in the summer or comfortably-warm in the winter, If you are having issues with natural climate control, you may have an issue with your attic insulation. Insulation is your home's protection between the indoor temperature and the climate coming in from outside, so if it is damaged, it will make it tough to regulate indoor temperatures.

2. Animal Infestation

If you believe pests have infiltrated your attic, confirm it that is the case and once the animals are  removed, you will also need to have an insulation inspection. If the critters have lived there for some time and burrowed in deep, they most likely have left waste or even more pests within  your insulation.

3. Roof Damage

If your roof has damage, be sure to have the insulation inspected. If wind or debris damages your roofing, your insulation probably needs to be replaced. Even with minor damage, it may not be obvious that your insulation needs replacing, but even a small amount of water may be enough to cause the insulation to need replacing. 

4. Inexplicably High Energy Bills

More energy is required to keep the temperature where you want it to be, especially if cool or warm air is creeping through . In order to regulate the indoor temperature, your insulation has to be functioning properly, or the AC or heat will need to work harder. If you notice your bills are out of  whack, it might be time for an insulation inspection.

Properly installed and maintained attic insulation can save money, lower utility costs and keep your home more comfortable! If you're looking for a professional in the Mid-Atlantic, contact Panda Exteriors today to schedule an appointment. The experts at Panda Exteriors can address a variety of problems and help you ensure your roof and attic insulation operate exactly as they should.