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Mid-Atlantic Tesla Solar Roofing Installation

Residential solar has taken hold of the world, and by now, nearly everyone has the same standard solar panels on their roofs. While they're very functional, standard panels can affect the style of your home. Luckily, there is another option available. Tesla solar roofs are a new and very high-end product that provides a design-conscious, futuristic look to your home. Panda Exteriors can easily provide one for you.

We are a Mid-Atlantic solar roofing company with decades of experience. We are all GAF Master Elite certified and our company is proud to be A rated by the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, we offer affordable prices, dependable service, and best-in-class warranties. There is no better solar company to choose for your Tesla roof.

Tesla Solar Panel Roof Installation in the Mid-Atlantic

Tesla solar roofs are a new product to the industry, but they've quickly become popular with homeowners who want to retain their home's aesthetic. A Tesla roof is installed in replacement of your existing roof, spreading solar panels out across the entire surface. The roof is constructed of a mixture of steel tiles and solar panel tiles, but distinguishing the two from the road is nearly impossible. This makes it look as though you have one seamless roof installed on your home.

Some benefits of a Tesla solar panel installation in the Mid-Atlantic include:

  • Battery Integration: Tesla solar roofs integrate flawlessly with Powerwall, a compact residential battery bank that allows you to access your power day or night.
  • Enhances Design: Tesla's roofs were engineered to add visual appeal to your home. Whereas other companies only focus on the function of solar panels, Tesla takes it a step further.
  • Smaller Footprint: Compared to traditional, bulky panels, Tesla solar tiles are much smaller. This allows them to be installed in locations that regular panels couldn't, like around vents and skylights. This maximizes your potential for power.

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If you're interested in upgrading to one of these premium solar roofs, Panda Exteriors would be happy to perform the work. As always, you can expect the highest level of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction from our team. Don't forget that we also provide windows, gutters, siding, and roofing in the Mid-Atlantic, so call us for any of your other exterior remodeling needs as well.

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