What is making the tiles and shingles on your roof look odd? It could be anything from ceiling water spots, sagging or out of uniform roofing tiles. Especially after a brutal winter,  spring is the perfect time to get your roof inspected and potentially repaired.

Spring Assessment, Recovery and Repair

Now that we have escaped the cold clutches of winter, snow and freezing is coming to an end. This means that your roof is free to be fixed and prepped for the future!

Loose shingling, water damage, infrastructure issues, or leaks can be assessed with clarity. If you have noticed damage or issues and want to make sure that your roof is in good shape, an inspection is due. You can also get your built-up leaves, debris and gunk removed from your roof or gutters, improving the structural integrity of your roof. 

Spring Allows for safe Repairs and Quick Fixes or Installations

Freeze-thaw cycles are over! It's time to confirm if there is damage, fix it and move toward the future within your happy home.

Spring is drier, with sunnier days providing near ideal conditions for roofing inspectors to come perform inspections and repairs. Roof repair and installation performed during the spring will allow for repairs to be long lasting and sturdy. There will be significantly less unwanted weather damage, especially if the work is extensive. 

Schedule your Roof Repairs and Replacements During Hotter Months of The Year

With springtime here, it would be wise to find an insured roofing specialist. Let Panda Exteriors take care of you, so that you can enjoy the comfort and warmth of your home!