1. We Are Cost-Effective

According to Home365, a new roof can have an ROI of up to 85% when re-selling your home. The less you pay for the roof, the more money you can earn back. Panda Exteriors works hard to make sure that customers get and save maximum dollars, from their roof replacement, helping your investment become more valuable.

2. Your Schedule is Priority

We are located close to you, so you do not have to worry about us being late due to long commutes. We work around your schedule and go the extra mile with coordination, so there won't be any scheduling mistakes. 

3. You Get Superior Customer Service

Panda Exteriors is big on authenticity and routine training, so when you contact us you'll speak with people familiar with their services and client base. Because their business is their bread and butter, they understand the value of building relationships with their customers, so they will be more attentive and empathetic as a result. Small businesses are known for having exceptional customer service.

4. Our Reputation Is Part of Our Brand

Panda Exteriors grew from the reputation of our quality work. We give ourselves a higher level of responsibility than other roofers have. 5-star Google Reviews, word of mouth, and local recommendations are valuable to us. 

5. You Can Grow a Relationship With a Trustworthy Contractor

Once you hire Panda Exteriors, you'll start getting to know us and our team! We are easy to work with! You will have someone you can trust to work on your roof. Annual inspections are needed for roofs, as they are bound to need repairs over time. Instead of having to find a new company every year, have someone right down the road that you can trust to both inspect and repair your roof as time goes on.

Working with Panda Exteriors is budget-friendly, low stress, and good for your local economy!