1. Winter Issues: When you think of winter you think of  snowfall and very cold temperatures. The weight of accumulated snow, in concentrated and vast areas, can strain your roof’s structure. The water on your roof will cause the roof to expand and contract, many times and can create ice dams, a threat to your roof's integrity. As roofing experts, who care about our customers and their comfort, we recommend routine snow removal and inspections to lower your risk and ensure the longevity of your roof.

2. Spring Showers: Rain comes with Spring, exposing any weaknesses in your roof’s waterproofing. Schedule a full inspection with Panda Exteriors to identify fix any water-related problem, before they become costly. 

3. Summer Sun: Summers are becoming hotter, and extreme temperature and UV rays can cause roofing materials to expand and contract, leading to cracks and failure. Panda Exteriors suggests regular inspections, and reflective coatings,  to minimize heat damage and absorption!

4. Fall Leaves: Leaves and other light messes can accumulate on your roof and gutters, leading to clogs and drainage problems. These problems can lead to serious issues with water damage. Panda Exteriors offers comprehensive cleaning and inspection services to keep your commercial roof at peak performance during the fall.

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