When The Sun Shines We Shine Together = Your Reasons to Go Solar! (PART 3/3)

The exciting conclusion of our three part solar series! Just a reminder that Panda Exteriors has been installing solar panels and upgrading homes through the East coast (from Massachusetts to Florida) since 2020! Our work ethic and quality is proven through our exponential growth in just three years. Don’t hesitate to contact the panda for a free consultation, we are happy to answer any of your questions and guide you in the best direction for your home!

Environmental Implications
We all want to try and save our environment as much as possible to make this planet livable and enjoyable for future generations… but did you know that going solar can result in environmental cost savings? If you are concerned with your carbon output, rest assured that by solar-powering your home you can reduce your carbon footprint. Residential solar panels emit around 41 grams of CO2 equivalent emissions per kilowatt-hour of electricity generated. Most of these lifecycle emissions are tied to the process of manufacturing panels and are offset by clean energy production within the first three years of operation. The lifetime emissions of rooftop solar are 12 times less than electricity generated by gas plants and 20 times less than electricity generated by coal. Furthermore, by protecting the earth, you are potentially saving in terms of environmental damages and health costs.

Avoiding Peak Rates with Solar Battery Storage
As you become more familiar with solar energy, you will hear a lot about Time-of-Use (TOU) rates. TOU rates are a dynamic electric rate schedule that adjusts prices based on the time of day and season, aiming to align with grid demands. With TOU plans, homeowners can be charged more when electricity demand is higher (since it’s more expensive to produce) and charged less when demand drops. But with solar energy you can have solar battery storage, which can help YOU save by using stored power during peak rate hours.

Financing Options that Lead to Savings
We understand that solar energy can be a larger investment for some families but don’t want you to feel the burden of that cost when considering an option that can ultimately protect your home and family. The most popular options for switching to solar are solar loans, leases, and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Solar loans provide financing for solar panels and solar installations. Solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPA) are two payment options with minimal upfront costs. The main difference between a solar lease and PPA is that under a solar lease, you pay a fixed monthly rate, no matter how much energy is generated or consumed. A solar lease bypasses the upfront costs of solar panels and makes monthly lease payments instead to power their homes with solar energy. With a solar lease, the solar company owns the panels, but you use the electricity they generate to power your home. Solar leases lead to lower energy costs because you are creating your own electricity, separate from the grid. A solar PPA is another way to invest in solar without purchasing the panels upfront. Solar PPAs are similar to solar leases because the solar panel company retains ownership of the panels, even though they are installed on your property. The solar company is responsible for maintaining and repairing the solar panels. Both solar leases and PPAs have contracts that run between 15 – 20 years. There is potential for immediate savings with the right financing option, and the panda is here to guide you through the best one.

Finally, if we still haven’t swayed you with this three part ‘Go Solar’ series—then, we leave you with a quote from a satisfied panda customer:

“I am super grateful to have worked with Panda Solar on our solar panels...Panda got the job done in less than 8 hours! When you are looking to actually get some solar panels, I highly recommend Panda."